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Director: Samantha Cutler, Daniel Snaddon

Producer: Martin Pope, Barney Goodland

Executive Producer: Michael Rose

Writer: Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler, Julia Smuts Louw

Cast: Adjoa Andoh, Bill Bailey, Rob Brydon, Daniel Ezra, Sally Hawkins, Ashna Rabheru, Meera Syal

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children, Family

1 x 27mins

"By a loobular lake on a far-off planet
There lived a young Smed, and her name was Janet.
Not far away, on a humplety hill,
There lived a young Smoo by the name of Bill."

On a faraway planet Janet (Ashna Rabheru) is a Smed who lives by the loobular lake, and Bill (Daniel Ezra) is a young Smoo who lives on the humplety hill. The Smeds and the Smoos have long standing divisions. They cannot agree on the best way to live and each family thinks their way is the right way. So, when Janet and Bill come across one another in the Wurpular Wood and make friends, their families are mortified. “Never, never play with a Smed!” exclaims Grandmother Smoo (Adjoa Andoh) while Janet’s Grandfather Smed (Bill Bailey) says the Smoos are “a beastly bunch!”.

When Janet and Bill realise that their families will never give up opposing their friendship, they fly away in the Smeds’ red rocket (“Grandfather Smed had forgotten to lock it”). When the two families blame one another that the two young ones have flown away, but they soon realise that to get their loved ones back, they’re going to have to travel together. They take Grandma Smoo’s blue rocket and all buckle up for a journey through outer space in search of “the runaway Smoo and the runaway Smed”. They travel all over the galaxy – to the planet Grimbletosh, coated in grime; and Glurch which is covered in slime. They meet Vums and Scloopies, and Klabs on Klaboo but as the search goes on they start to lose hope. On a final planet at the end of the universe they realise they’ve failed in their quest.

The two families fly back sadly, only to find on their home planet, deep in the Wurpular Wood, the much sought-after duo, Bill and Janet. There’s happiness all round as Bill and Janet explain they’d got lost and flown home again. The delight is redoubled when everyone’s introduced to a brand new addition to their families who melts their hearts – a tiny purple Smoo-Smed.