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Director: Hwang Seong-hoon

Producer: KBS

Executive Producer: Kang Bong-kyu

Writer: Baek Soon-young, Lee Hae-nim, Park Mi-young, Lee Hye-rim

Cast: Lee Kyung-kyu, Lee Young-ja, Lee You-ri, Oh Yoon-a, Han Ji-hye

Genres: Drama, Entertainment, Format

Demographics: 15+

70’ x weekly

1) Celebrities create a whole new menu with their secret recipes.

2) Judging panels consisting of chefs and CVS MD vote for the dish that will be released in convenience stores.

3) The winning dish is released at CVS in Korea the very next day of the show. The show donates its proceeds by selling winning dishes to undernourished children.

This is a cooking show that you’ve never seen before. A dish made from special recipes of celebrities is released at convenience stores that are easily accessible around the world. You can enjoy a variety of new food but also lifestyles of celebrities.

Celebrities known as gourmets (usually 5~6, it can vary) will develop and create a new menu with their own recipes according to themes of each episode(For example, it could be “chicken”, “rice”, “noodles”, etc.). Then, star chefs and CVS’s food MD choose the best among these dishes. The winning dish is created as a packed-meal the very next day and it is available at your nearby CVS!

One-person households are increasing around the world and more and more people want simple meals which are convenient to have at CVS. But this winning dish is not just a convenience food, but a decent meal you can enjoy at home. It’s like chef in the house!

Winning dishes from each and every episode actually have been going viral. And there are lots of reviews about these foods on the internet.

‘Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant’ donates some of its proceeds by selling winning dishes to undernourished children. The network can work for a good cause through the show.

It is possible to cooperate with CVS and any other market franchises. Or, you can also proceed with branded business related to the dish and the show. Chances are limitless.

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