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Director: Dirk Campbell

Producer: Tom O’ Connell

Executive Producer: Sue Nott

Writer: Alec Brychta

Cast: Tilly Kaye, George Robinson, Jack Wilkinson, Kellie Shirley, Freddie James, Inathi Rozani, Des Yankson, Dorothy Peters-Lowe, Shauna Shim, Melanie Walters, Isha Kaur Athwal, Archer Brandon, Krupa Pattani, George Bukhari, Cara Readle, Nicole Keri, Neil Hurst, Nikki Marshall

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children


Based on the hugely popular "Biff, Chip & Kipper" reading series from Oxford University Press. the books are currently available in 130 different countries.All of the stories focus on the Robinson children, their family and their neighbourhood friends as they spend time together an come up with playful ideas to keep each other entertained.

Something unexpected or funny happens and we watch as the characters come together to make things right again or turn a disaster into a fun adventure! The situations are recognisable or slightly heightened versions of real life and feel fun and imaginative, but not too big or too silly.