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Director: Claude Desrosiers

Producer: Kaleigh Kavanagh

Executive Producer: Jean Bureau, Ian Whitehead

Writer: Gemma Holdway

Cast: Julia Benson, Peter Benson

Genres: TV Movie

Demographics: All audiences

1:48 (Trailer)

Winona Applegate is on the fast track to becoming a celebrity chef, already running a very successful bistro in Pittsburgh. With nerves building, she leaves for New York to audition for her own show in front of television executives. Unfortunately, her car breaks down near New Holland, a small, quirky town where Winona rents a room at a local inn run by Adam, a widower. With the local Spring Festival coming up and the resident cook unavailable to manage the menu, Winona agrees to get her car fixed in time for her audition in exchange for her much-needed help in the Inn’s kitchen. As she prepares for the festival with Adam, Winona begins to fall in love with New Holland and one of its residents as well.

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