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Director: Peter Burger

Producer: Kaleigh Kavanagh, Tina McLaren, Bridget Bourke

Executive Producer: Philly de Lacey, Jean Bureau, Ian Whitehead

Writer: Becca Johanson

Cast: Anna Hutchison, Simon Arblaster

Genres: TV Movie

Demographics: All audiences

1:31 (Trailer)

The owner of a quaint New Zealand yarn shop, Sophie Dale, gets her world flipped upside down after learning her top supplier of yarn, King Farms, is stopping production. Much to her surprise, the charming yet stuck-in-his-ways Samuel King has travelled all the way from New York to audit the business model of the farm. Desperate to keep her shop going, Sophie convinces Samuel to give her two weeks to learn the ropes of yarn spinning and raise enough money to buy the mill herself. With Samuel’s help, Sophie comes up with a fundraising plan to host a “knit-off” and auction at the local maker’s market. However, when the two weeks come to an end Sophie finds herself at the crossroads of business and romance. Could she have misinterpreted Samuels growing romantic interest in her as just business all along?

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