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Entered into: Best Competition Reality Format 2022

Produced by: MBC
For: MBC
Distributed by: MBC

Bloody Game is a psychological and mind-game competition motivated from the movie Parasite. It is a game where 10 players are completely isolated in a luxurious and generous mansion to play survival game. The 10 players are told to eliminate one player upon arrival. The eliminated one has to pack and go home. Soon as the eliminated went outside, he or she is moved by some mysterious people to some place which is the hidden space in the basement floor.
The mansion has a secret that it has a basement floor where the eliminated players have to continue their survival game. The survived who live upstairs don’t know about this place.
Contrary to the luxurious space upstairs where you can find everything, there are no sunshine, but worms in the basement.
The players in the basement have to do labor work such as folding pizza boxes to earn money for their living.
There is a corridor connected to the upstairs but it is locked. The players in the basement can sneak in to the upstairs by opening the lock. But, if they are found or revealed by the survivors upstairs they are sent to home immediately. Meanwhile, the survivors play a game a day and send one players home by vote. The player who won the game of the day gets a one-time examination from elimination and prize money that he or she can use at their discretion.
The private money is distributed by lots after the first elimination and the amount is very different depending on the players from 20 million Korean won to 100 million Korean won.
Every day the players vote to decide the eliminated and the rule is one man, one vote. However, they can buy an additional voting right by using their private money. So it is definitely favorable to those who have more money.
The eliminated upstairs goes down to the basement. When the number of people in the upstairs and basement gets to the same point, then the existence of the basement is disclosed and a team battle between them starts. The team that lost the game decide the eliminated person for good.
When there are only six players left, they play individual games and the final player becomes the winner of the game.