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Entered into: Best Reality Format 2022

Produced by: De chinezen
For: één (VRT - Belgium)
Distributed by: Lineup Industries

Creative jack-of-all-trades and youth supervisor Tijs Vanneste starts a campsite in Flanders together with nine young people. Each of them has a personal story to tell.

July 2020, somewhere in Flanders. Nine young people step onto a meadow. They are going to build and run a campsite here in the next two months. These youngsters have difficulties finding or keeping steady jobs. The causes and personal stories are diverse: school drop-out, behavioural disorder, medical impairment, addiction problems, migration background, poverty or special youth care.
These young people braved seven summer weeks of heat waves, torrential rain and Covid-19. They built camping pitches, cleaned showers and toilets every day, organised bingo and pétanque competitions, and had to satisfy hundreds of campers. And above all, they had to learn to cooperate with each other and to take individual responsibility.
The TV series shows the process of setting up and running The Campsite, including the numerous activities for the campers.

The Campsite is the account of a summer camp run by young people who have difficulty finding work or keeping a job. A programme by De chinezen for VRT.