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Hot Properties: Documentaries

Content London 2021

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This Hot Properties strand shines a light on three upcoming documentaries that are expected to have an impact on the international market over the next 18 months. We heard how the projects were created, developed, packaged and sold from those closest to the project.
This session features: Boeing, The Kingdom of Dreams and Generation XTC

This session features: Boeing, The Kingdom of Dreams, Generation Ecstasy

Through the eyes of Don Edkins, a victim’s father on a journey for justice, the series will investigate one of the deadliest corporate crimes in recent history. 346 will uncover a pervasive pattern of greed, arrogance, racism, denial and obfuscation going back years and spanning the globe. Whistleblowers, journalists, and industry experts will paint a picture of an industrial giant that prioritized profits over all else. The series will also explore the immeasurable human cost of these crimes with exclusive access to several victims’ families who have banded together in pursuit of the truth.
Speakers: Miura Kite, Don Edkins and Barak Goodman

The Kingdom of Dreams
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Speakers: Ian Bonhote, Peter Ettedgui and Mandy Chang

Generation Ecstasy Generation Ecstasy is an ambitious six-part series mapping the international story of ecstasy through the recent social and cultural history of the Netherlands, which quickly became the biggest producer and exporter of the drug worldwide. Moving through ganglands, nomad lands, cults and communes, this takes the viewer on an exhilarating ride into the underbelly of organized crime to explore what this enigmatic drug truly represents, and why the Netherlands may now be on the brink of becoming Europe’s first ever narco-state. Our journey will reveal the vast popularity, power and destructive force of this beloved party drug, particularly its symbiotic relationship with the explosion of dance music and youth culture in the 1990s.
Speakers: Femke Wolting, co founder, Submarine