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Director: Kenneth Karstad

Producer: Einar Films Drama

Writer: Kenneth Karlstad, Audun Fagervold Hansens

Cast: Jakob Oftebro, Kristian Repshus, Martin Øvrevik, Lea Myren

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+


The year is 2001, and when Tommy, 17, breaks his knee, his soccer career stops and his focus shifts to the only other thing that interests him: violence. His accident leads him to reconnect with his old childhood friend Pål Pot, a teenager with ADHD who has been dealing with brutally all of his life. Pål Pot sells Rohypnol, which is a form of valium and hangs out with drug king Freddy Hell. With his attitude and fearlessness, Tommy quickly becomes Freddy Hell’s new right hand.
But it’s tricky dealing drugs living at home with suspicious parents and Tommy and Pål decide to find a house and move together. However, trouble starts when Pål brings along for the ride Monica, a 24 hour party girl and speed freak, who also happens to be Freddy Hell’s ex-girlfriend. Soon, Tommy will be forced to choose between his friends and his new career in crime.