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Genres: Documentary

History of the Wild

2 × 50

In the past, there was a large number of tigers and leopards in the Korean Peninsula. Our ancestors called tigers and leopards "beom," and “beom” was considered as objects of fear and worship. In Part 1, we take a look at various tales between our ancestors and "beom" and vividly shows the ecology of Korean tigers and Korean leopards living in Primorsky Krai of Russia, which is the only wild habitat of Korean "beom" left in the world. After the Japanese occupation and the Korean War, "beom" went extinct in the Korean Peninsula. The ecosystem of wildlife in the Korean Peninsula is severely distorted. Species diversity is limited, but the number of each species is abnormally high. Part 2 shows that the biggest reason behind this distortion is related to the extinction of "beom." We delve into the Korean Peninsula's ecosystem of wildlife without "beom" and find out about the importance of their presence in the ecosystem.

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