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Director: Stéphan Beaudoin

Producer: Michel d’Astous, Stéphane Jacques

Executive Producer: Anne Boyer, Michel d’Astous

Writer: François Pagé

Cast: Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Patrick Labbé

10 X 45 minutes (Season 1)

Emile and Rachel work for the Canadian Security Service (CSS), the equivalent of MI6 or CIA. They are also lovers and the parents of two young girls. The investigation on a shooting near the US embassy leads the CSS to think that the CIA infiltrated a mole in their ranks. Emile is ordered against his will to investigate on the identity of the CIA mole, Rachel being the primary suspect.

In parallel of this mole investigation, Rachel and Emile are tasked to find who is behind the shooting to ensure the security of a secret international summit. This series is a full immersion in the world of intelligence, counterterrorism, counterespionage in which two lovers are torn apart by loyalty and human conflicts jeopardizing national security and their family.