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The Rush

An 8-part hour-long action-adventure returning drama series set in 1886 as the greatest gold rush in the history of the world explodes in South Africa. The Rush explores this unique time through the eyes of four misfit minority characters whose story has never been told… until now.

Thousands of adventurers descend on the Witwatersrand determined to carve their fortune from the rock as the discovery of the greatest gold rush in the history of the world explodes in South Africa in 1886. Five of the most unlikely parties – a Chinese prospector, a Canadian Mountie with an adventurous teenage Mi’kmaq stowaway, a Boer widow and a Zulu warrior – find themselves thrown together by the discovery of the richest gold claim on the Rand. Their journey to trusting one another, overcoming insurmountable odds to purchase the claim, and then figuring out how to squeeze gold from the unyielding rock before they’re swindled, bullied, or killed off is the premise of The Rush.

Pitchee: Meren Reddy, head writer, RHP International and Luke Rous, producer, RHP International

Best friends from college, Meren Reddy and Luke Rous run RHP International, the Johannesburg-based film and tv production company.

Meren Reddy is no stranger to accolades, holding 10 SAFTA awards, 5 of which were for best writer in a comedy, the others distributed over writing for drama, telenovela and best actor in a comedy. He also broke the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013 making the fastest feature-length film called Shotgun Garfunkel, which also went on to win best feature film at the JOZI Film Festival Awards in 2014.

Luke Rous started as an actor but felt more comfortable in the producing seat. Career highlights so far include a Rose D’Or nomination for best comedy series writing for the 90+ episode running sitcom City Ses’la, Best SA short film at the Durban International Film Festival, a short film screening at the Cannes Short Film Corner, and the SAFTA award-winning drama series High Rollers.

Project Information:

Producer: Luke Rous and Kyle Irving
Partners: RHP International (South Africa), Eagle Vision (Canada), Daro Distribution (Monaco)
Development stage: Pilot episode in Draft 6, Pitch deck, Series bible
Planned shooting start: March 2024
Shooting location: Johannesburg, South Africa & Canada
Languages: English, Afrikaans and Zulu
Total budget: $20 000 000 CAD (€14 000 000)
Budget per episode: $2 500 000 CAD (€1 750 000)
Financing already in place: $55 000 CAD (€38 000)

Looking for: Broadcasters, Platforms and co-producers from Europe

Company profile: RHP International has a 15 year track record, producing over 300 hours of prime-time drama and comedy as well as 3 feature films. Highlights so far include a Rose D’Or nomination for best comedy series, Best SA short film at DIFF, a short film screening at the Cannes Short film Corner and the SAFTA award winning drama series High Rollers which has sold to multiple territories around the world. Other work includes 3 seasons of the award-winning comedy Black Tax (Paramount and Showmax), the drama Inconceivable (M-Net) and the modern day adaptation of The Count Of Monte Cristo Is’Phindiselo (eVOD).

Contact: Luke Rous (Head Writer, RHP International)
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Luke Rous (Producer, RHP International)
Email: [email protected]