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The Other Girl

Emma, 16, a young hockey prodigy, lives alone with her grandmother in a remote village of Valais, Switzerland. She has a dream: to leave this godforsaken hole and go to Zurich to join the national hockey team.

A 16-year-old hockey prodigy from a remote village up in the Swiss Alps is thrown off her course to become a hockey star in Zürich when a strange liquid starts flowing out from her navel and morphs into a perfect replica of herself.

To reach her goal of finally leaving the valley she must hide the erratic comings and goings of her doppelgänger and unmask those responsible for its existence.

Late in the first season we find out that Emma is not the only girl going through these extraordinary transformations. She will fight another mutant girl who has let her powers lead her towards a more evil side of her persona.

In the season finale and in the seasons to come we find out that a dozen other girls also deal with powers, curses and revolving around self and belonging.

Pitchees: Anne Feinsilber, creator and screenwriter and Vincent Poymiro, creatorand screenwriter

Anne Feinsilber: feature and documentary film director, screenwriter
Vincent Poymiro: screenwriter and creator of shows for Arte and Netflix ; 2022 Cesar for Best Original Screenplay (for Onoda) and Series Mania Grand Prix (for Reign Supreme) 2022.

Project Information:

Producers: David Elkaïm, Jeremy Sahel, Vincent Poymiro, Xavier Derigo
Partners: Perpetual Soup (Jeremy Sahel), Idip Films (Swiss co-producer, Xavier Derigo), RTS (broadcaster)
Development stage: TV Bible + Pilot
Planned shooting start: TBD
Shooting location: Valais Alps in Switzerland
Languages: French
Total budget: €7 080 000
Budget per episode: €1 180 000
Financing already in place: Perpetual Soup, IDIP Films, Regional Funds Switzerland, RTS, have currently financed around €300 000

Looking for: We are currently looking for co-producers, broadcasters, streaming platforms and international distribution outlets.

Company profile: Together, award-winning screenwriters David Elkaïm, Vincent Poymiro, and producer Jérémy Sahel created Perpetual Soup : a production company founded on the creative partnership between writer and producer designed to produce quality films and tv-series.

Vincent and David's experience was forged by 30 years writing, both collaboratively and solo for film and tv. Together, they created and wrote Churchmen, En thérapie (Arte), Gone for good (Netflix), Lucky Day (RTS) and Reign Supreme (Arte/Netflix), acclaimed by critics and the public.

Jeremy Sahel is an entrepreneur. He has lent his producing talents to ambitious projects, consistently championing innovative content in film, tv, publishing and digital content.

Contact: Jeremy Sahel, Perpetual Soup
Email: [email protected]