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Director: Toño López, Sérgio Graciano

Producer: Portocabo, SP-i

Executive Producer: Alfonso Blanco, José Amaral

Cast: Victoria Guerra, Monti Castiñeiras, Sergio Pazos, Adriano Luz

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+, Adults 25-54

8 x 60'

Traumatised by the shocking end to the first series, Teresa picks up Fran’s investigation into the Galdóns. She’s certain that Mauro, the family patriarch, has ties to arms trafficking – but how can she prove it?

Meanwhile, Mauro – with Lázaro’s help – desperately seeks revenge for his son’s murder, coming into further conflict with the police as a result. As each pursuit comes to a head in the present, Teresa unexpectedly finds herself digging deeper into the past, and a moment that ties Mauro and Lázaro to the death of her father, Joâo.

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