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Producer: Lion Television (an All3Media company)

Genres: Factual

Demographics: 15+, All audiences

10 x 60 min

The unmistakable chug of its mighty engine. The roaring whistle and smell of hot oil…There’s just something about a steam train that captures the imagination. And on Steam Train Journeys, viewers climb aboard for a captivating ride down the line with inside access to Britain’s most spectacular heritage railways—and to the 30,000 passionate souls who keep them on track.

The Age of Steam was one of the greatest technological breakthroughs the world has ever known. It powered Britain’s mighty rise to the summit of imperial power, and then it disappeared. That is, until a group of enthusiasts reopened old lines and fired up long-silent locomotives to give birth to a thriving new industry. It’s a unique story, and with 100-year-old trains, new stations built from scratch, and eight million passengers every year, it’s an epic labour of love.