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Producer: Cineflix Productions

Genres: Documentary

4 x 60 min

Following the renowned British biologist and explorer as he travels the globe, Patrick Aryee’s Wild World takes viewers on a mission to answer some big questions about our vast natural world. From the jungles of Costa Rica to the rainforests of British Columbia—and from the treetops to the unseen world beneath our feet—Patrick reveals the complex web of interactions that connect the tiniest of creatures to the mightiest carnivores on the planet. Along the way, Patrick explores how any disruptions to an ecosystem can have far-reaching implications between these species. And teams up with local activists and researchers who unearth inspiring stories of biodiversity and environmental recovery.

Featured Stories:
• Patrick heads to Costa Rica to witness the annual mass nesting of sea turtles—and the predatory jaguars that come in for the kill-discovering the impact of the clash of two endangered species.
• In one of the most disturbed ecosystems on Earth, Patrick reveals the intricate web that connects prairie grasses and dung beetles to bison and the mighty grizzly bear.
• And, in British Columbia, the annual salmon run is a spectacular migration that ensures the survival of one species—all while sustaining the entire rainforest ecosystem.