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Producer: Imagination Television Ltd

Genres: Entertainment, Factual

20 x 60 min (2 seasons)

Follow daring Kiwis as they take on the ultimate reno recycling project—moving must-have homes to picture-perfect New Zealand destinations. With a breathtaking combination of science and engineering, and jaw-dropping home renovation and design, each episode showcases a single action-packed move. It’s a dramatic journey as charming cottages, historic villas, and sleek designer pads are uprooted, chain-sawed into pieces, and trucked through some of the country’s trickiest terrain.

It takes nerves of steel and state-of-the-art technology to guide these oversize loads down narrow roads, under drooping powerlines, and around tight corners—all in the dead of night. And with homeowners’ dreams and assets literally on the line, the crew is determined to complete their mammoth mission before sun-up.

Featuring impossible deadlines, impassable roads, and inspiring human stories, it’s the ultimate off-road home renovation adventure from the makers of Grand Designs New Zealand.