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Director: Juliano Enrico

Producer: Copa Studio, Cartoon Network Latin America

Executive Producer: Zé Brandão

Writer: Juliano Enrico, Daniel Furlan, Pedro Leite, Elena Altheman, Arnaldo Branco, Valentina Castelo-Branco

Cast: Andrei Duarte, Melissa Garcia, Hugo Picchi Neto, Cesar Marchetti, Cecília Lemes, Tânia Gaidarji, Daniel Furlan, Juliano Enrico

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children

104 x 11’ & 18 x 2’

Jorel’s Brother follows the daily adventures of a shy and nameless 9-year old boy, who is overshadowed by his more infamous sibling. Jorel’s brother tries to be as popular as Jorel, but while he ultimately lives to fail, he always finds an absurd solution when dealing with his unusual and eccentric family, friends and school and it is his impressive ability to be known to everyone as Jorel’s brother, that leads him to star in a series of his own.

Jorel’s Brother, (Irmão do Jorel or Hermano de Jorel) is created by and based on the childhood of well-known Brazilian celebrity actor, director, writer and MTV presenter Juliano Enrico, who also voices Jorel.

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