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Pitchee: Lasse Hallberg

True Evil

“True Evil” starts off in 1988 with Gudrun, a 30-year-old nurse, who has taken her kids to a popular outdoor Norwegian variety show. She suddenly meets Arnfinn Nesset, the former manager of the local nursing home that she used to work for. Gudrun is shocked and leaves with her kids in a hurry. Just 5 years prior to this meeting he was convicted of 22 accounts of murder.

This triggers a flashback for her:
“True Evil” is set in a small rural village in Norway, and we follow the young nurse Gudrun. She and her colleagues discover that patients die unexpectedly and frequently around the religious and charismatic manager; Arnfinn Nesset.
The series explores the naivete of not just Gudrun and her colleagues, but also the small rural community, and of the Norwegian society, in dealing with a person who is “True Evil”.

“True Evil” explores the psychological effects of a group of nurses who believe that something is amiss, and who find patients dead without any forewarning, but who refuse to believe that their respected manager is a serial killer.

When the head nurse finally finds that Nesset has ordered the poison curacit without doctors’ permission, the alarm goes off and the nurses finally understand what has happened.

This ultimately sets off a media frenzy and the small village is suddenly flooded with journalists, special police, forensic experts, and psycho analyst’s.
The series will explore the psychology of why Nesset was able to murder patients for years and why no one dared to speak up. We will explore the story thru the eyes of the female nurses and we aim to show the importance of speaking up in the face of evil; no matter what shape it appears in.

Supporting materials: Project bible

Project Information:
Genre: Drama
Format: Mini Series
Writer: Espen von Ibenfeldt, Fredrik Horn Akselsen and Anne Sewitsky
Director: Anne Sewitsky
Producer: Lasse Hallberg
Partners: Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) and various foundations. At this stage we don't want any broadcaster/streamer attached because we wish to market this broad and go for the one that put their most efforts into the project.
Development stage: Production bible and pilot script.
Planned shooting start: 2023
Shooting location: Norway
Languages: Norwegian
Total budget: €6,600,000
Budget per episode: €1,100,000
Financing already in place: At this stage we don't want any broadcaster/streamer attached because we wish to market this broad and go for the one that put their most efforts into the project.

Looking for from the International Business: A co-production that can be more for a global streamer or packaged with a Nordic platform and a more international global one.

Company profile:
Monday Production Norway consists of Monday Production, Monday Sport, Teddy TV, Norsk Fjernsyn, Feelgood SFT, Feelgood&IStage and Monday Scripted. Each unit includes strong storytellers, creators, and script writers.

The company is the largest independent production company in Norway and develops and produces programs for all Norwegian media house/broadcasters but also several scripted comedy series for Sweden.

Productions ranges, from scripted drama and comedy to lifestyle formats for entertainment and panel shows, as well as agenda-setting journalism and powerful reporting formats.

Monday Norway is continually growing and greatly emphasizes the development of original formats and high production value.

One part of the group (Feelgood) is the company that embraces several of Norway’s greatest comedians and is the leading comedy production company in Norway and been able to also make these series for Sweden.

Monday Scripted’s creative leader is Ole Endresen who rans this part with Lasse Hallberg: Ole has a wide background as showrunner, director and writer and amongst series he’s directed is Lilyhammer, the Sky success Bulletproof and the first series as conceptual director for Netflix’ Young Wallander.

Lasse Hallberg
E-mail: [email protected]
Mob: + 47 920 278 00