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Christian Van Vuuren, Roger Monk.


A tandem client falls from a plane without a parachute. Ex adrenalin junkie Jason, 38 bravely tries to save him but the octogenarian falls to his death - smiling. Jason and partner Skye, 42 are horrified by the accident, and afraid their thrill seeker tourism business “Jump & Dive” might have died with him.

Bored with nudist beach duty Constable Lucy Hawke, 28 seizes an opportunity to run a police investigation until the coroner rules suicide. But Hawke smells a rat and isn’t giving up.

Traumatized and broke after spending a fortune on IVF, Jason and Skye offer Harry’s widow a snorkeling trip to spread her husband’s ashes. But when she doesn’t return and they find she left a large ‘tip’ they fear Jump & Dive has morphed into a niche euthanasia service.

Jason reconnects with mate Banjo, 34, who, in a wheel chair after a cliff fall is the moral compass. As the trio help some ‘clients’ like very sick Elka, 24, shuffle off this mortal coil and others, like ex-veteran Ollie, 33 learn to live, it takes fancy footwork to foil the police, an opportunistic blackmailer and local death walker Wattle, 77.

Mortal Coil is an 8 x 40 min comedy drama that juggles life’s great conundrums, birth and death, with comic seriousness. Like The White Lotus or Schitts Creek this is a funny, poignant series about the messiness of life that will be addictive viewing for audiences 35+ who want television that is fresh, daring and human.

Project Information:
Genre: Narrative comedy
Format: 8 x 40 minutes (returnable)
Writer: Roger Monk, Christiaan van Vuuren
Director: Christiaan van Vuuren
Producer: Lois Randall, Roger Monk
Partners: Screen NSW, Screen Australia
Development stage: Series bible, pilot script
Planned shooting start: May 2023
Shooting location: Byron Bay region, Australia (or any coastal tourism mecca)
Languages: English
Total budget: AU$ 6,400,000 / GB£ 3,604,000
Budget per episode: AU$ 800,000 / GB£ 450,500
Financing already in place: 50% (AU$3,208,800 / GB£ 1,806,844)

Looking for from the International Business: ROW Co-Producer/Distributor or Commission

Company profile:
Magpie Pictures is a boutique Australian screen production company founded by Lois Randall. We are passionate about creating and producing addictive television, and telling distinctive stories with authentic voices. We love collaboration and co-productions, and we're committed to increasing diversity on screen and behind the camera. We develop and produce Australian and International content from our offices located in Ballina, near Byron Bay in regional NSW, Australia.

Lois Randall
E-mail: [email protected]