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Anastasia Hoppanova, Lukas Teren.


Killswitch is a cyber conspiracy thriller that tells a story of a global war between the West and the East, hidden in plain sight, and two different women who fight their battles in it. It’s a David and Goliath story, with two female Davids, taking it up with the giant that is the system and the world’s leaders.

Lea is a jaded expat hacker in an Eastern European country, trying to save her best friend, Nina is a conservative journalist who is trying to prove her colleague didn't commit suicide, he was murdered. Their journeys connect when they realise both of these men were trying to expose the corruption of the current Prime minister in the upcoming elections. They have to overcome their differences and work together to get what they want.

In the process, they realise that the dark money behind the Prime minister's campaign is attached to a dangerous plan to take over the country's democracy and free speech. Both women will be forced to forget everything they believe in and take a stand to stop the cyber war from plunging the whole world into chaos.

Project Information:
Genre: Thriller
Format: 6x55
Writer: Anastasia Hoppanova
Director: Anastasia Hoppanova, Lukas Teren
Producer: Teren s.r.o.
Partners: N/A
Development stage: Pilot script and season 1 episode outlines, series bible
Planned shooting start:N/A
Shooting location: Europe (to be determined)
Languages: English, Slovak
Total budget: 2,000,000 EUR
Budget per episode: 330,000 EUR
Financing already in place: 660,000 (33%)

Looking for from the International Business: We're looking for co-production partners and distribution options for our project.

Company profile:
Teren s.r.o. is an up-and-coming production company based in Slovakia with the aim to open up the Eastern European series market to the world because of its great potential in terms of local talent, stories, locations and attractive conditions for financiers.

Anastasia Hoppanova
E-mail: [email protected]