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Director: Alain Gsponer

Producer: Constantin Television & Belga Productions

Writer: Annika Tepelmann, Annette Simon, Stefanie Misrahi, Esther Bernstorff (Idee)

Cast: Sarah Mahita, Aram Arami, Merlin Rose, Morgane Ferru, Stefanie Reinsperger, Juliane Köhler, Götz Schubert

Genres: Drama

6 x 45’

In the house of the Schwarz family, the wedding of their youngest daughter, Emily, is being celebrated. After a long time, the family gathers together again: Emily's oldest sister, Eva, the lively Leo, and the more introverted Felix, who immigrated to Canada a few years ago. Emily's parents, the entrepreneur Richard and the artist Barbara, are happy with their new son-in-law, Chris, and despite noticeable tensions within the family, the atmosphere is festive. However, the next day, a family member suddenly disappears under mysterious circumstances, and the family is abruptly confronted with an old trauma: when Emily was six years old, she went missing for three weeks. She was kidnapped, and Richard is convinced that the same kidnappers have struck again. The anxious waiting period becomes a test of endurance for the family members, who had wanted to forget the memories of that time forever. But long-hidden secrets increasingly put them in distress.