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Director: Daniel Harrich

Producer: diwafilm GmbH

Writer: Daniel Harrich, Gert Heidenreich

Cast: Veronica Ferres, Katharina Wackernagel, Axel Milberg

Genres: Drama

Freedom to Kill

Bavaria Media International
90 min.

Staunchly anti-gun widow Sabine picks up her late husband’s precarious mission to blow the whistle on corrupt and prolific German weapons manufacturer HSW. As she bears witness to her late husband becoming the defenseless scapegoat for HSW’s corporate graft, she finds a kindred spirit and legal expertise in Christiane Schuhmann. Schuhmann is already unraveling illegal weapons trafficking and connected killings and kidnappings. Together the two women bravely expose the suspicious proceedings on Mexico’s foreign soil. She and Sabine rally local support to bring a countersuit on behalf of victims and their families. They dig up proof inside the conflict zone of Guerrero that the deadly bullets shot into a group of peaceful students were fired from an HSW machine gun. Despite evidence, the judge refuses to admit the plea and refutes any further political implications. Reality sets in. Is the trial evolving into a dismal sham and top down cover up of a freedom to kill?

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