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Home > Screenings > Bavaria Media International > Figuring Fatherhood - Three kids, an Ex and the Toughest Match Ever

Director: Esther Gronenborn

Producer: Bavaria Fiction GmbH

Executive Producer: Stephan Bechtle

Writer: Jan Martin Scharf, Arne Nolting

Cast: Tim Oliver Schultz, Zoe Moore, Yasemin Cetinkaya, Peter Lohmeyer, Christina Große, David Rott

Genres: Drama


Timo really appreciates his time as a young, halftime dad. He plays it a little loose as a parent but shows his kids a lighter side of life no matter the circumstances – and Timo himself is still a bit childlike. Sure, dishes pile up in the sink and the garden is a mess, but his kids get a pretty damned good father full of love. He’ll do anything for his children. He works as a bar bouncer at night to make ends meet and even gets inspiration and some solid help from a new girlfriend he met at work. Things are looking up! The weight of Timo’s past life as an embarrassed soccer player looks to fade further and further away until his Ex-wife hooks up with his Ex agent and on top of it wants their kids back fulltime because Timo isn’t the classic picture of a dad. Then, Timo’s new girl turns out to be the daughter of one of his new friends from a group of single dads. Timo goes into high gear to do anything to keep the precarious life he has built back up for his kids and himself together.