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Director: Peter Stauch, Pia Strietmann

Producer: Bavaria Fernsehproduktion

Executive Producer: Peter Guede

Writer: Peter Güde, Benjamin Hessler, Anneke Janssen

Cast: Fritz Karl, Mira Bartuschek, Peter Prager, Alessija Lause

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Demographics: 15+

Falk: Compulsive, Savant, Flair

Bavaria Media International
12 x 60’

Falk quits the constraints of the law he was unsuited for in the first place to pursue his dream of running a tasteful restaurant. That blows up in his face for financial reasons and he’s coaxed back to litigation by a bargain to get his restaurant back. Though Falk’s eccentric methods are still too big to fit into the dignified chambers of renowned law offices Offergeld & Partners, his results more than garner forgiveness.

One-time, stand-out and unorthodox power lawyer Falk came off the rails a decade ago and left the law for self-inflicted mental health reasons. He turned his eclectic yet respected tastes and flair to his passion for food and opened a boutique restaurant. Falk soon ran that dream into the ground. He’s lost, doesn’t know it and lives in a hotel. An angel investor in the form of retired and esteemed Mr. Offergeld offers to return his restaurant to him if Falk helps with some tricky legal matters. Falk does so with an irreverent vengeance. He’s back in his element and clearly holds up his end of the deal. Falk’s disregard for human fallibility, human habit and lazy thinking allows him to see what the rest of us do not. His foil is the serious and ambitious Sophie Offergeld who is appalled by her father’s decision to hire the unconventional lawyer. The straight-laced senior partner in the firm is polar opposite of Falk. And opposites do attract. Adding to Falk’s continued dissatisfaction even after getting everything he wants.

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