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Home > Screenings > Bavaria Media International > After the Bomb - Remnants of a Conspiracy

Director: Daniel Harrich

Producer: Diwa Film

Executive Producer: Daniel Harrich

Writer: Ulrich Chaussy, Daniel Harrich

Cast: Benno Fürmann, Nicolette Krebitz, Heiner Lauterbach, Jörg Hartmann

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

Demographics: 15+

95 min.

Munich 1980. The genesis of leftist terror and a first home-grown, mass terror bombing since World War II in a place trying desperately to forget its recent political past. And at the same time preserve it. Octoberfest in Germany. A bomb kills 13 innocent and shatters certitudes. The way authorities deal with it stokes the flames. An investigative reporter doubts what he hears marketed to the masses and dives head-first into a truth trap he will not win. How does it all start and where does it end? Who is pulling the strings in this puppet show? The director of the secret service pushes toward preserving the status quo at all costs – elections are on the horizon. The right has never scared the institutions as much as the left. So blame it on the left or a crazy person instead of the poisonous roots beneath our feet. Sound familiar? Justice goes out the window. The lefty reporter gets too close and is ensnared in a net of coverups that define his career and life. The sacrifice.