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Producer: A Banijay Rights format, created by Marcelo Ferreo

Genres: Entertainment, Format

The Legacy

Banijay Rights
40’ or 60’

In The Legacy, six contestants compete in a variety of games to take home a hefty cash prize. At the start of the game, the prize fund is split in equal shares between the players but harmony is short lived and soon the stealing starts!
After each round, the weakest contestant picks an opponent in an attempt to save themselves. The two of them engage in a deadly duel where the winner inherits the other’s legacy and sends them home. This series of merciless knockouts culminates with the iconic money round – The Guillotine – that will decide the fate of the finalist. In this high stakes round the jackpot is halved for every wrong answer, but the finalist can come back to fight another day and try to increase their earnings.
Boasting a strong gameplay and over a decade’s worth of games available, The Legacy is a sure-fire winner adaptable to daily, weekly and primetime slots.

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