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Producer: Endemol Shine Israel

Genres: Drama

10 x 60’

One night in the middle of a bachelor party, all the men in the Malka family, the largest, well-known mafia family in the country, are killed in a mass assassination aboard their yacht, leaving behind the women of the family.

The Malka women – a mother, a daughter, a daughter-in-law and a fiancée, who lost their status and strength following the slaughter, are thrown into a new reality in which they will have to struggle and try to survive and succeed in the most masculine of worlds: the underworld.

The series portrays the women trying to stand on their feet once again, and restore the family business that was taken from them, as well as avenge the death of their loved ones.

In season two, Lizzie and Dori run the family business and things get complicated, as the tension between crime leader Guy Francis and the Malka’s worsen. Francis threatens to take everything away from Lizzie, by connecting with her allies, the Jubran family and creates conflict between her and her Eritrean soldiers.

In order to survive, Lizzie must travel to Russia to the big Russian boss and things get complicated, as a scary and dangerous threat affects the whole family.

Meanwhile, Sapir feels guilty about the death of her brother Alex, becomes addicted to drugs, goes back to work as an escort and only seeks revenge. During the season she will discover her strength and join Lizzie to face Guy.

At the beginning of the season when Dorrie manages to capture the murderer of the family - Albert; Naama and Ido return to the country but to their surprise, Albert has returned to their life in more ways than expected.

Nina, who stayed in Israel to serve in the IDF, tries to build a new life with meaning, but her family’s past continues to haunt her in the army. To top it all off, Tzipi believes she lost her son who disappeared years ago, coping with the pain through neighborhood activism and going out against her own family- the Malkas. While Nili, decides to settle the score, with anyone who has ever done her wrong.

This season, each of the family women, go through her own personal journey, which in the end, takes effect on the entire family’s life.