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Producer: A CANAL+ Creation Originale Produced by CAPA Drama, Banijay Studios France, Les Gens

Genres: Drama

8 x 60’

Created and written by Deborah Davis (The Favourite), Marie Antoinette tells the story of the incredibly modern and avant-garde young queen, played by Emilia Schüle (Ku’damm 56/63). Through a twenty-first century lens, the series will explore the dark, manipulative and misogynistic world of Versailles. Travelling deep inside Marie Antoinette’s head throughout the series, discovering who she is through her internal voice that often contrasts with the dramatic situations she finds herself in.

The season starts with Marie Antoinette’s journey into the heart of the French Court where her enemies are waiting to greet her – and it is destined to be a rollercoaster.

Marie Antoinette was barely 14 years old when she left Austria to marry the Dauphin of France. Growing from a stubborn young princess navigating the rules of the French court under pressure to continue the Bourbon line, to a true fashion icon, she impressed with her natural charisma, and recreated life in Versailles in her image: free, independent, and feminist ahead of time. Even with rumours undermining her reputation, the notorious figure would defeat the enemies of the Versailles court with courage and dignity.