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Director: James De Frond

Producer: Shiny Button

Writer: Tom Davis, James De Frond

Genres: Comedy

King Gary (Season 1)

Banijay Rights
7 x 30’

From the creative team behind the BAFTA award- winning Murder in Successville, King Gary is written by Tom Davis and James De Frond. It stars Davis as the lead (Gary) and the series is directed by De Frond.

Our story follows childhood sweethearts Gary and Terri (Laura Checkley) and their aspirations to achieve social acceptance and moderate material success in competitive suburbia. This, accompanied by drama queen Gary’s constant strive to impress his prehistoric old school Dad, Big Gary (Simon Day) and attempt to fill his big boots, equals a massive ‘try hard’ douchebag.

A study of how the small things in life can be blown up to absurd proportions as the pressures of the modern world, and how we think we must exist within it, can spiral out of control. A big comedy about life's small and often petty dramas.

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