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Producer: Dragonfly Film and Television

Genres: Factual


Banijay Rights
Series 6: 8 x 60’

Ambulance is an observational documentary series that offers an unprecedented insight into the frontline of emergency healthcare in the U.K.

This always unflinching but emotionally engaging series gives a uniquely immersive 360-degree perspective, from the highly-pressurised control room to patients in the busiest cities and the most remote rural areas.

Filming simultaneously with the crews out on the ground, in rigged ambulances and with the call handlers, the series sets out to reveal the real dilemmas faced by the ambulance allocators with a finite supply of ambulances; the troubling impact of hoax and frequent callers; the ever-present threat of a major incident with multiple casualties and the number of people struggling with their mental health. At the heart of the series are the paramedics, who reveal how their own life experiences profoundly influence the care they give their patients and their families in moments of acute need.

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