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Pitchee: Viktoria Salcher (producer)

Women of the Century
Vienna at the turn of the 20th century: glamorous capital of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. A variety of languages, religions, traditions existed side by side. A time of change as the modern age got underway. A minority of industrial barons made fortunes on the backs of the many poor and new political movement started, such as social democracy. Women increasingly demanded access to education and voting rights. Female lives beyond the sole option of marriage came within reach – an idea that was adopted by several courageous young women. These young women are the centre of our story.

We watch them carving out new pathways with passion and ideals in this new modern world full of promises. Marianne, a passionate feminist and journalist who’s caught in the net of work and household and children; Adele, a young and clever seamstress who wants a career as an actress but whose wages aren’t enough; Dora, a charismatic and successful fashion designer and independent businesswoman whose private life suffers because of her need of freedom; and Frederike, a unhappy noblewoman in a classical dependent marriage – all of them will be pulled into dramatic events.

Despite their differences, they realise that combining their various talents makes them strong. And they will learn the value of their friendship and the solidarity among women. They will grow together and become an undeniable and unstoppable force.

Project Information:
Genre: Historical drama
Format: First season 6x50’. More seasons intended
Writers: Katharina Hajos and Constanze Fischer
Director: TBC
Producer: Viktoria Salcher, Prisma Film
Partners: ORF
Development stage: Script development
Planned shooting start:2022
Shooting location: Vienna, Austria. More possible
Languages: German
Total budget: €11m
Budget per episode: €1.8m
Financing already in place: €65,000 development funding from Filmfonds Vienna, €12,000 from ORF (1%)

Looking for from the International Business:
Partners in financing and distribution.

Company profile:
Prisma Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH was founded by Mathias Forberg in 2003. Since 2008, Viktoria Salcher and Mathias Forberg have shared the position of managing director of the company. The firm’s main purpose is to develop and produce Austrian and international cinema and TV productions. In close co-operation with mainly European partners, Prisma Film wants to offer a platform to successful authors and directors as well as emerging newcomers to develop original, characteristic stories attracting audiences well beyond the borders of Austria.

Filmography: Murer – Anatomy of a Trial, Stroke of Luck, Backstage Vienna State Opera, Center of my World, Planet Ottakring, Schubert & Me, Profilers – Gaze Into The Abyss, Alphabet, Crossing Boundaries.

E: [email protected]
T:+43 699 10050993