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Director: Michalis Charalampidis

Producer: Ant1 TV

Executive Producer: Irini Souganidou, Frosso Ralli

Writer: Penny Fylaktaki, Vagelis Nassis

Cast: Alexandros Antonopoulos, Marina Aslanoglou, Nektaria Giannoudaki, Pygmalion Dadakarides, Christos Malakis, Dimitra Matsouka, Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, Youlika Skafida

Genres: Drama

Demographics: Adults 25-54

60 x 60 mins

After becoming orphaned and destitute, four Greek sisters accept an offer to leave their village and move in with a wealthy family in Athens. Once there, however, they are immediately separated and taken to three separate households, where they are subjected to servitude and abuse.

As they endure the cruelty of their new masters and, occasionally, their mistresses, a vow made to their mother on her deathbed fuels their determination to escape, reunite, and take revenge.

The Greek epithet "psichokores" was commonly ascribed to impoverished and orphaned young women and girls who were adopted by affluent families. Translated into "soul daughters", the term implied an unbreakable bond between the foster daughter and the family that took her in. In reality, however, it was a euphemism for financial exploitation and physical and sexual abuse that was tolerated by the authorities.