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Director: Diarmuid Goggins

Producer: Story Films

Executive Producer: David Nath, David Collins

Writer: Thomas Eccleshare

Cast: Nina Toussaint-White, Sion Daniel Young. Clare Dunne, Ruaridh Mollica

Genres: Drama

4 x 1 hour

Story Films, the acclaimed team behind The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe return with another critically acclaimed, ratings winning crime thriller. With a taut, tense script from Thomas Eccleshare, this claustrophobic four-part drama follows Jodie (played by Nina Toussiant-White), a young mother and hairdresser, who witnesses a man seconds before his murder. When she comes forward to give evidence to the police, believing this is the right thing to do, she is shocked when detectives decide to keep her identity secret, referring to her as ‘Witness No.3’. Soon it becomes clear there is more at risk than she could have imagined as a terrifying campaign of intimidation to silence her begins.