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Director: O-T Fagbenle

Executive Producer: Luti Fagbenle, O-T Fagbenle

Writer: O-T Fagbenle

Cast: O-T Fagbenle, Helen Monks, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Christopher Meloni, Jourdan Dunn, Javone Prince, Georgie Glenn, Nina Wadia

Genres: Comedy

People: Christopher Meloni, Georgie Glenn, Helen Monks, Javone Prince, Jourdan Dunn, Luti Fagbenle, Nina Wadia, O-T Fagbenle, Pippa Bennett-Warner

30 mins

MAXXX is a comedy drama centred around Maxxx, an ageing former boy band star turned shamed tabloid laughing stock, as he tries and fails to make an international comeback. Spurred into trying to win back his now famous ex-girlfriend Jourdan Dunn, Maxxx will stop at nothing, even if it means losing all self-respect, to get back on top. Maxxx’s entourage includes Amit, his adopted Asian son in serious need of daddy advice. Rose, Maxxx’s cousin/super fan/stalker, who pops up at every corner; and Tamzin, his Type A, all-about-the-stats new manager. Each week, we follow Maxxx and his unconventional crew in their escapades to find validation and meaning in all the wrong places. MAXXX combines the family dynamic of shows like Modern Family with the classic anti-hero sitcoms from The Office to Bojack Horseman. We love the protagonist; not because he is so cringe-worthy but because we recognise ourselves in his overblown insecurities. While Extras and Entourage gave us the behindthescenes of movie making, MAXXX gives us a peek behind the curtain at the drugs, sex and fragile narcissism of the music industry.