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Home > Screenings > Albatross World Sales > Wild Horses - A Tale from the Puszta

Director: Zoltán Török

Producer: Zoltán Török

Executive Producer: Tom Synnatzshke, Birgit Peters

Cast: Carolina Massie

Genres: Documentary, Factual

Demographics: All audiences

52’ or 88’, 4K

There is a hidden land in the heart of Europe that is home to the second biggest wild horse herd on the planet. Three hundred Przewalski’s horses live in the steppes of East Hungary, the Puszta. They almost went extinct in their native home in Mongolia, but captive breeding pulled them back from the brink of extinction. 25 years ago a few horses were introduced to the Hortobágy National Park of Hungary. Today, this large herd can secure the species’ survival if they become endangered once again. The Puszta is the largest semi-natural grassland in Europe with salty plains, extensive swamps, rich pastures with a surprisingly rich wildlife. A land that sometimes resembles the African savannah, other times it looks like a desert, while during winter it can feel like the Arctic tundra – all this in the very heart of Europe!

The film follows the story of Dot, a newborn foal. The Przewalski’s horses live in large, extended families. The herd now counts almost 300 animals and it is a web of different horse families, interwoven through close relations, true friendships and strong alliances. As Dot grows up, she has to find her place within this special animal society and we see the Hungarian Puszta through the eyes of our little foal.