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Director: Christian Schidlowski,Sebastian Kentner,Johannes Backes,Hannah Leonie Prinzler,Rohan Fernando

Producer: Taglicht Media

Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert,Uli Veith

Writer: Christian Schidlowski,Sebastian Kentner,Johannes Backes,Hannah Leonie Prinzler,Rohan Fernando

Genres: Documentary, Factual

Demographics: All audiences

People: Christian Schidlowski, Claudia Zenkert, Hannah Leonie Prinzler, Johannes Backes, Rohan Fernando, Sebastian Kentner, Taglicht Media, Uli Veith

5 x 52’ & 1 x 90’

This is the story of a handful of dreamers, daredevils and scientists on a vital mission to capture the night sky in all its magnificence. Armed with hi-tech cameras, telescopes and camping gear, these intrepid astro-photographers travel to the ends of the earth, braving the elements, extreme climates, and dangers both natural and man-made. They are determined to help all of us experience the magic of the night sky – sparkling constellations, blazing comets, shadowy eclipses, and shooting stars. The heaven above – the one roof that shelters us all – is full of mythologies. Led by this group of visionaries, our viewers will explore a new exotic destination in each episode and will experience the stars as they have never seen them before, discovering that the night sky is anything but dark and dull.
The episodes include:
- The Aboriginal Sky of Australia
- In Search of the Aurora Borealis in Canada
- Glancing at the Universe in Chile
- Hunting the Solar Eclipse in Indonesia
- Into the Darkest Night in Scandinavia