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Producer: Category 6 Media

Genres: Documentary

6 x 1 hour

Who really is Gypsy Rose Blanchard? And even when she is freed from prison for killing her mother after decades of living through lying, manipulation, and torture, will she ever really be free?

The story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the decades of abuse she suffered under her mother, Dee Dee, who had Munchausen by proxy, and Gypsy's involvement in Dee Dee's violent murder in 2015 at the hands of her boyfriend, Nick Godejohn, gripped the nation and caused a feverish media blitz. Nothing about this story is what it seems. Dee Dee carefully maintained a rosy public facade for herself and Gypsy, but hidden beneath the surface are secrets that only Gypsy can reveal.

While Gypsy has spoken before, she's never spoken like this. In her 6th year in prison, a place she's felt more freedom than ever before, Gypsy is ready, for the first time, to tell the whole story of what really happened and why. Gypsy pleaded guilty to a 10-year sentence, but received an early release in December 2023. Through exclusive access to Gypsy Rose in prison now through until well after her release, we'll hear the untold story of Gypsy's life, what led to her mother's violent murder, and what will become of Gypsy.
In this premium documentary series, Gypsy will reveal new details about: the full extent of her abuse by her mother, the depth of control by her mom, earlier attempts to escape, her prior (and failed) attempt to kill her mom herself, the dynamic of her relationship with Nick Godejohn, and much more. Exclusive interviews with Gypsy and those closest to the case, never-before-seen photos, videos, and evidence, will bring new insights to this complex story. Illuminating interviews with psychological experts will contextualize the impact a life of lying and manipulation has had on Gypsy and how that will affect her future.