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Director: Phil Breslin

Producer: Daniel Walkington

Executive Producer: Jerry Butterfield, Mary-Ellen Mullane, Margaret Ross, Bernadette O’Mahony

Writer: Ellen Dedes-Vallas, Jake Steele

Cast: Phil Breslin

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children

10 x 30 min

Phil Breslin gets up close to the world’s most unique creatures to reveal the ultimate survivors of Australia’s most extreme habitats. In each episode, Phil will bring the audience along with him on a rare and unusual journey, where they will encounter three iconic animal species, revealing their unique survival characteristics to the camera. The inhospitable nature and vast differences of each environment will be lived by audiences as Phil creates immersive experiences of Australia’s rugged and unique landscapes.

At the end of each episode, Phil will consider and choose the animal he believes to be without a doubt; Built to Survive each environment. Which one will you choose?