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Director: Mitsuhiro Nakata

Producer: Yohei Ohashi

Cast: Masatoshi Hamada, Ayumi Hirodo

Genres: Entertainment

Demographics: All audiences


In this studio game show, top celebrities must correctly answer between premium quality and ordinary to even shoddy, to prove their high-life of the rich-and-famous. Blindfolded, will their taste buds be able to choose the elegant sea urchin worth $200, and not the soy sauce covered pudding? Can they hear the difference of a multi-million dollar Stradivarius from a $2,000 beginner violin? Each star makes their calls and awaits in the room representing their choices. The room that the host enters will reveal the right answer and will determine their fate! Winners keep their celebrity ranks while the losers are pared down to shabby looks, or instantly get eliminated from the show. Witness the panic and see for yourself; Who is the Real CELEBRITY?

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