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Director: Daniel Sharp, James Wooley

Producer: Dash Pictures, Amcomri Productions

Executive Producer: Daniel Sharp

Genres: Factual

6 x one hour

The Frontier explores the legends, events and folklore of the American frontier which have embedded themselves into our culture so much so that the Old West, especially the Western genre of films, has become one of the defining periods of American national identity.

Hollywood movies would have us believe cowboys and indians frequently fought each other in the Wild West, that all cowboys were white, that Native Americans were savage and violent without provocation and that all sheriffs were law-abiding citizens. The Frontier exposes the shocking reality behind these myths.

The Frontier is carefully crafted from a compelling mix of cinematic reconstructions, modern day interviews with leading experts (Joyce E. Chaplin, Dr. Manu Karuka, Clara Sue Kidwell & Harry Robinson Jr), accompanied by state-of-the-art cinematic graphics and maps, sound design and music.

Featuring characters from the Frontier WILD BILL HICOCK (James Butler Hickok), WYATT AND VIRGIL EARP (Virgil Walter Earp) and BUFFALO BILL – (William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody).