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Producer: True Vision

Cast: Marcel Theroux

Genres: Documentary

1 x 90-minutes

In 1980, two years before the war that made the islands famous, a young Royal Marine called Alan Addis walked out of a bar in the Falkland Islands and vanished into thin air.

The mystery of his disappearance has remained unsolved for more than forty years.

Following the discovery of a trove of evidence left behind by Alan’s late mother, Marcel Theroux embarks on a journey to uncover the truth of what happened on that August evening four decades ago.

But traveling to the Falkland Islands, he finds more than he bargained for: not only unanswered questions about the disappearance of Alan Addis, but uncomfortable truths about the Falklands themselves.

Falklands: Island of Secrets is a mystery story and an investigation into a place that is globally famous and yet whose daily reality is unknown to outsiders. It is a film about remoteness, isolation, and secrets that have the power to destroy lives.