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Home > Screenings > IFA 2021 - Best Factual Entertainment Format > Alene Sammen (Alone Together)

Nominated for: Best Factual Entertainment Format 2021

Produced by: Metronome Denmark
For: TV2 Play
Distributed by: Banijay Rights

Every day there’s 1.6 billion swipes on Tinder, with more than 20 million potential dates at your fingertips. But the reality is the more options we’re given, the more difficult it is to make a decision. The average time spent on a first date is 43 minutes. Is this enough time to make up your mind about a potential partner? Do you have a better shot at love if you invest more time into one person?

Alone Together is a new dating experience that puts this theory to the test.

In episode one, our professional matchmakers hold a workshop to find potential couples, based on the perceived compatibility of our singletons. Then in episode two, the couples meet for the first time. Isolated in pairs, on separate remote islands, they must agree to give love a chance. The couples are forced to get to know each other, without the distractions of the outside world. Will it be too close for comfort or does true love just take time? Over ten days, our couples will be tasked with an activity designed to give the best opportunities for love to blossom. They will be monitored by our matchmakers, a psychologist and sociologist who will comment on the couples’ progress throughout the journey.

On the last day there is a ceremony where each individual must reveal if they want to leave the island as a couple or go their separate ways.

A visually stunning new dating series with a diverse cast, iconic locations and romantic stories to demonstrate that love can be possible with a little time and effort.