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Wattpad Webtoon Studios links up with Filipino net GMA-7 for TV adaptation

Wattpad Webtoon Studios, the entertainment division of story-sharing platforms Wattpad and Webtoon, is partnering with Filipino TV network GMA-7 to adapt a series of Wattpad web novels for television.

Ventre Canard

The first project announced through the deal is Luv: Caught In His Arms, which is based on a Wattpad story that has been read more than 55 million times.

Written by Ventre Canard, the project follows an heiress who flees her privileged and wealthy lifestyle after being forced into an arranged marriage by her father. The lead roles will be played by Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay.

Wattpad Webtoon Studios said the partnership with GMA-7 will allow it to continue to connect with more than six million Wattpad users in the country.

The company is looking to expand its presence in the Philippines, having recently announced a partnership with social entertainment platform Kumu. The eight-part series, Kiss Master, is written by Jamille Fumah and follows a couple who reconnect five years after a painful break-up.

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