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Three Tables, Royal Opera House prep drama

London-based drama indie Three Tables Productions has partnered with the Royal Opera House on a period scripted series about the iconic theatre.

Alex Beard

The as-yet-untitled drama will chart the story of the Royal Opera House’s evolution over the centuries, with the first season focusing on its recovery from the fire that destroyed the original building in the Victorian era, before it was rebuilt into the opera house we know today.

It will also draw upon topics such as the role of money in the arts, the marginalisation of workers and the lower classes and the struggles experienced by performers from different ethnic backgrounds.

The drama is being overseen by Royal Opera House CEO Alex Beard and Three Tables co-founders JT Wong and Himesh Kar, who are searching for a writer for the project.

“As the Royal Opera House continues to grapple with one of the most profound crises in its history [the Covid-19 pandemic], this project gives us a chance to look back on the ROH’s long, rich and often turbulent past, drawing inspiration as we address the challenges of the future,” Beard said.


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