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TF1 duels with Itsy Bitsy Knight

French network TF1 has commissioned a preschool comedy adventure series from Technicolor Animation Productions based on a piece of publishing IP.

Gus: The Itsy Bitsy Knight (52×11′) is based on the books of the same name created by illustrator Dankerleroux and author Françoise de Guibert.

The CGI animated series will be distributed by Paris-based PGS Entertainment outside of France and is due for delivery in 2020.

The show takes place in a medieval world with modern technology, where a small boy, armed with his laser sword and mounted on his electric pony, wishes to become greatest knight in the kingdom, despite his small stature.

“The high degree of fantasy in this comedy adventure, full of anachronisms and super-endearing characters, immediately seduced us,” said Yann Labasque, director of TF1’s youth programmes.

Technicolor Animation Productions (formerly known as OuiDo! Productions) is the production arm of Technicolor Group. Its credits include Alvinnnn! & the Chipmunks, Sonic Boom and Mini Wolf. With TF1, it is currently producing The Legendaires (26×22′) and Monchhichi (52×11′).

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