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Musketeers, ForLan link for Kubrick series

Production and financing outfit Media Musketeers has linked up with UK indie ForLan Films on a slate of scripted projects, including a show based on Stanley Kubrick’s unused screenplay God Fearing Man.

Sebastien Janin

Media Musketeers, launched by ex-Apple execs Sebastien Janin and Andy Docherty with Warner Bros alum Chris Law earlier this year, will invest in and distribute God Fearing Man and ForLan’s original multimedia series Pulse.

Media Musketeers is working with ForLan founder Steve Lanning and Philip Hobbs, the co-producer of influential director Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, to bring the dramas to the screen. Both shows have been developed and written by ForLan and are due to go into production in 2020.

God Fearing Man is a four-hour TV series based on the book by Herbert Emerson Wilson and Kubrick’s original screenplay. It tells the true story of a Canadian church minister turned safecracker who becomes one of the most successful bank robbers in American history.

Andy Docherty

Lanning and Hobbs will produce, with Janin and Docherty executive producing for Media Musketeers.

Written by Stephen Clarke, Pulse is an eight-hour sci-fi drama set in the world of console game developers. It explores how life begins to imitate art as the key protagonists start to inhabit a world similar to the one they created in their games.

Pulse is being developed beyond the linear TV series, with gaming central to its overall innovative development and distribution plan.

Media Musketeers was unveiled in April with offices in the UK, the Netherlands and France. It is aiming to develop and finance TV and features worth more than US$1.1bn over the next five years. ForLan Films was formed in 2013 by Lanning family members Steve, Cliff, Jake and Ben.


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