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House of Talkies’ Sidharth Jain on Hindi-language crime drama Trial by Fire

Today we hear from Sidharth Jain, founder of House of Talkies, the Mumbai-based production company behind Hindi-language crime drama series Trial by Fire for Netflix India.

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Sidharth Jain got into the film and TV business after selling his online Bollywood memorabilia business to eBay at the height of the Dotcom boom. Working first as a producer in both Los Angeles and India, he later joined the launch team for Indian OTT platform Hotstar.

In 2018, he established leading Indian book-to-screen adaptation specialist The Story Ink and in 2021 set up film and TV development and production company House of Talkies, whose first series, Trial by Fire, was released by Netflix earlier this year.

Jain spoke to Michael Pickard at Series Mania in Lille last week about the show, the tragic story behind it and what comes next.

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