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HBO Max on road trip with Boomerang TV to show How to Screw It All Up

Spanish-language series How to Screw It All Up

Warner bros Discovery-owned streaming service HBO Max has added to its Spanish-language slate with a new six-part drama from Boomerang TV.

How to Screw It All Up follows a group of friends who set out on a road trip with no destination other than to discover themselves.

The 6×30’ series was created by Jaime Olías and Pablo Sanhermelando. Olías also wrote and directed the series. It will premiere this summer on HBO Max.

The cast is led by Naira Lleó (Mamá o Papá), Malva Vela (El reino), Gabriel Guevara (Skam), Óscar Ortuño (30 Coins), Nadia Al Saidi (La caza. Tramuntana) and Sergi Méndez (Sky Rojo).

Pablo Sanhermelando and Valentina Francelet are executive producers for Boomerang TV; and Miguel Salvat and Patricia Nieto are executive producers for HBO Max.

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