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Cake, Bureau of Magic adapt Dog Bird

Dog Bird & Me is aimed at 4-7s

The fledgling production arm of UK distributor Cake is working with Lost in Oz producer Bureau of Magic to adapt picture book series Dog Bird & Me.

Created by Bureau of Magic co-founder, executive producer and writer Abram Makowka, the book is being developed as a 52×11′ preschool series aimed at four- to seven-year-olds.

It tells the story of a six-year-old, big-hearted kid, with even bigger ideas, and his curious sister Dog Bird, who looks like a bird on the outside but is a dog on the inside.

Together, they go on ‘play-ventures,’ discovering answers to their big questions, bringing their big ideas to life and learning about themselves and others along the way.

Dog Bird & Me is set to provide a fun family co-viewing experience, the producers said, which celebrates curiosity, playfulness and empathy through simple, fun and relatable stories told from a child’s perspective.

Ed Galton, who recently replaced Tom van Waveren as CEO at Cake, said: “Over the last year, we have been working with Bureau of Magic on the development of Dog Bird & Me. We hope the result is a uniquely uplifting and entertaining show that encourages positivity and acceptance through fun stories dedicated to the kid in all of us.”

Cake Productions launched earlier this year to support the UK-based company’s increased development and production activities on projects including Mush-Mush & The Mushables, Mama K’s Team 4 and Angry Birds: Summer Madness.



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